Monday, December 7, 2015

the little mermaid

For my second Disneybounding adventure I was inspired by one of my very favourite movies, The Little Mermaid! Ever since I was a kid I've been fascinated by fantasy creatures like mermaids, dragons and elves, which probably explains why I was so obsessed with this movie. From a visual perspective it's just so whimsical, from the vivid colours of the coral reefs to the life-like rendering of the water and bubbles and of course Ariel's signature mess of red hair. And if that wasn't enough we also get to tag along with Ariel as she pillages sunken shipwrecks for human artifacts and serenades Eric the super-hot man prince while perched atop jagged rocks surrounded by crashing waves. WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE??

It was a super-easy look to put together, I already had the aqua skirt and sea-shell purse, so I just picked up this purple singlet at the op shop and cut it into a crop top. So cute and I can't wait to be a mermaid all Summer long!



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