Thursday, May 28, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

clean hair party

A mysterious girl with freshly washed hair, that's me.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

FASHFEST polaroids

Thanks to everyone at FASHFEST for making it such a fun and hectic event yet again! Here are a couple of polaroids from the different nights, and the inevitable Maccas binge on Saturday night XD

Saturday, May 16, 2015

FASHFEST night three details

I took my Mum to FASHFEST last night and thought I'd focus in on the details for night three! There was a huge amount of variety of designs including boxing gloves, lingerie and race wear.

Illusory showed sculptural pieces with tough embellishments and statement shoulders, and the makeup artists really outdid themselves on this one, splashing psychedelic rainbow rainbow swirls across the model's faces.

MAK were on the complete opposite end of the scale with billowy silky separates in neutral colours. This was my favourite show for the night, all the pieces were so wearable and looked perfect for lying in a field of daisies and just generally projecting an aloof nymph-like vibe! The natural peachy pinks and cat eyes in the make up looks complemented the pieces so beautifully, and the models' hair was pulled up into messy top knots to keep things interesting...

Bird Keepers showed relaxed corporate-style dresses and separates, with some of my favourite pieces being the loose-fit silky shirts. I also really loved the hair styling for this show, and I'm suddenly super keen to try out a dispelled pony with a simple white tie!

What were your favourites from night three?

Tonight is closing night and there are still some tickets available at, get amongst it for the big finale!

Friday, May 15, 2015


Halfway through FASHFEST 2015 already! Here are my favourite shows so far:

 Little Jane Lane

Cute pastel two-pieces with frilly socks, what's not to like?

Luke Chiswell

Stark black and white designs paired with beanies, work boots and flower faces! 

Perpetually Five + Clare

Children's nightmares in black and white

Bronwen Stead

Canberra's answer to Victoria's Secret!!

The Label

Did I mention black and white was a popular theme this year?? The foil hair accessories were my fave!

Rockstars and Royalty

Always super dreamy and a big time crowd favourite, and designer Vicki has dream hair *drool*

Stay tuned for more pics coming up! xoxo

Sunday, May 10, 2015


FASHFEST 2015 is just three days away so I'm getting ready to see some cool new designs for all us Canberra kids!

For the first time FASHFEST will be held not at the airport but at the National Convention Centre, and I gotta say I'm psyched for a warmer venue! It got a bit cold in that big industrial space, so it will be a good chance to show off what's underneath our coats this year!

Opening night will be this Wednesday 13 May and the event will run for four nights as usual until Saturday 16 May. Tickets are available at Like last year, there'll also be a chance to shop the runway at FASHFEST DAY FIVE from 2 to 7pm at the Convention Centre on Sunday 17 May.

With 30 designers, all with a connection to Canberra, I'm gearing up for four crazy nights of catching up with Canberra bloggers, taking photos, writing and trying to sleep and work a regular job during the day in between! I'll be writing over at RiotACT as well as here on Heat Storm. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

pale Japan

……….aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddd some pretty pale pics from Japan xxoo

Saturday, May 2, 2015

pastel Japan

Some pastel instagram snaps from Japan :) I got back a couple days ago and now I'm about to watch Game of Thrones and get excited for working Groovin the Moo tomorrow!