Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ice cream dreamz

(thrifted tee, sunglasses and backpack, Kmart sneakers, Michael Kors watch)

Couldn't resist getting this awesome tie dyed Tower of Terror tee from Salvos the other day, even though it's way too big. It even still had the original Disneyland tag on it!

It didn't seem right to wear it without eating an ice cream, so there I am looking forlorn with my 30 cent cone which was way more delicious than I remember!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


(thrifted faux fur coat, tee and backpack, Factorie shorts, Michael Kors watch)

Out for pancakes yesterday with Jiawa (Closet Voyage) and Grant (Ink and Leathers). Finally wore this awesome 90201 tshirt I got at a church sale a few months ago!


Photos by Jiawa from Closet Voyage.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Pretty happy with this Tower of Terror tie dyed tee I thrifted on Saturday!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

pastel Sunday

Some Sunday inspiration for you since I've been lazy and haven't taken any outfit photos!

I had an awesome day yesterday: got my new couch delivered, went op shopping, had dumplings in the city and then saw a couple of bands play at Transit with Anna from work. Tonight we're heading out for dinner and then to see The Other Man, should be good (mainly cos of Jamie Lannister).

Hope you had a rad weekend too xx

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

astro turf

Jiawa from Closet Voyage took some quick photos on her astro turf for me tonight before a quick run to the shops to buy chocolate and cookies!

This week has been really fun at work, we had a movie marathon, puppy day, pancake breakfast and a petting zoo! Hope your week is going well too :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

sheer pink tee

(Dotti sheer floral tshirt, thifted backpack, Black Monday jeans from Fash n Treasure)

Love love love this top I got on sale at Dotti! The sheer-ness and flowers make it statement enough to pair with all black everything else so it's good for lazy gals like me ;-)

Photos by Jiawa from Closet Voyage.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FASHFEST night four

On the last night of FASHFEST I wore a Ninja Turtle jumper knitted by my Grandma for my brother about 20 years ago (it still fits…it's just cropped!). I can tell it was my brother's cause my favourite is Rafael but this is Leonardo. Paired that with a matching aqua skirt and Wittner heels, and my teddy bear backpack in case you couldn't tell I AM STILL A CHILD.
SZN and Corr Blimey showed some of the coolest looks oh the night, you can check out my wrap up article on RiotACT!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

FASHFEST night three

On night three of FASHFEST I was a little bit smarter and brought my fur coat to keep warm while the show was on, but underneath I still had this summer dress on ahahaha! You can't stop me frigid winter temperatures! *shakes fist* I also wore socks with my wedges which definitely helped keep my toes from falling off!

And now to the runway pics...
Hanny-d had some very comfy-looking outfits in juicy pink and orange. This was also probably my favourite hair and makeup look of the night, love me some fluffy curls and bright lips.
Character makes bold pieces for mature ladies, and it was so sweet to see them on the catwalk - you still got it girls!
Audrey Blue made a statement with her collection, and trust me, I can support any tshirt that doesn't support Tony Abbot!
Tuffy's and Tuffets showed sporty but cute undies for girls and dudes. I love girly and sweet (but still comfy) undies like these ones!
Liam is looking right at me right? RIGHT??!!

Only one more night to go guys, and that's tonight! Tickets are from or if you can't make it be sure to head to the DAY FIVE tradeshow tomorrow where you can shop the runway and talk to the designers. It's on tomorrow only (4 May) at East Hotel, Kingston 11am to 3pm and entry is free!

My outfit pics are by Jiawa from Closet Voyage.

Friday, May 2, 2014

FASHFEST night two

Fresh from the second night of FASHFEST last night, here are some pics of some of my favourite pieces. The temperature inside the industrial Canberra Airport venue was also very f-f-fresh, if you're heading to the shows tonight or Saturday be sure to rug up! I was silly last night and wore a short-sleeved top and shorts, so maybe don't be silly like me (whatever, it still looked cute!)

I wore a matching gingham two-piece from Hunter (who showed at FASHFEST last year). Hair was by Wayne Friend (Form Haircutters) and make up by Taylor Perrin (Canberra Makeup Academy). She did a perfect cat-eye for me - I SO need to learn how to replicate!
G.Ginchy showcased cute tailored pieces with little peter pan collars - Can you tell I love the silhouette of a nicely cut cropped top with fitted shorts?
Braddon Tailors made a bunch of very attractive men look even more attractive, guys take note!
I thought Mont wouldn't have much to offer in the way of fashion inspiration, since they specialise in adventure gear. I was wrong. I need a pair of these sunglasses all the models were wearing and I actually loved the tights tucked into hiking socks look (see a pic on Closet Voyage). It sounds gross but I'm actually inspired to try it after experiencing the sudden cold snap in Canberra last night. If I looked this good while exercising maybe I would do it more often!
Now I knew Perpetually Five would be a crowd pleaser and it sure didn't disappoint. I talked to designer Mitch Thompson before the show and he promised me massive googly eyes, which he most certainly delivered as you can see in the above photo! He also told me that the girl's hairstyles reminded him of Angelica's doll from Rugrats, which just makes me respect him even more. Even the choreography was playful, with the models jumping around in circles to showcase the garments, and walking backwards down the runway for their final walk. Oh and Mitch came out on roller skates for his curtain call, so there was that.

Stay tuned for more pics from FASHFEST nights three and four, or get your tickets from if you want to see it all in person.

It's also been announced that there will be a fifth day for FASHFEST this year: A trade show where you can purchase looks hot off the runway from the designers who have showed over the first four nights. It will be held from 11am-3pm at East Hotel. Entry is free so come and have a look if like any of the items you've seen!