Saturday, April 19, 2014

long weekend

(thrifted jumper and backpack, Factorie shorts, flatforms from a garage sale)

Can you believe I got these flatform sandals at a garage sale for $2?! So happy with them even though they are a teensy bit big which makes them slightly harder to walk in.

Also glad the current weather is allowing for jumpers and shorts. This is my favourite kind of dressing, and I will be revelling in it as much as possible until we get into awful, frumpy, cover-your-whole-body up-to-avoid-frostbite type of weather. At least all the recent rain has turned this pathway's surroundings all green and cute like the English countryside.

This weekend I'm moving out of my share house into my own apartment really close to work which is exciting. I have to organise a bunch of boring stuff like washing machines and internet connections, but I also get to colour code all my clothes in my huge new wardrobe which is super fun. What are you getting up to this Easter?

Photos by Jiawa from Closet Voyage.


  1. super:)) x