Saturday, September 7, 2013


In my Paris apartment! I love this place it's so cute. It has a loft bed so I like to open up all the windows to let the breeze and street noise in and chill up in my bed reading French magazines (Grazia today).

Today I also went and saw a French movie called Jeune et Jolie which was nice although I didn't understand it all. I am trying hard to revive my high school French though... let me know if you have any language tips!


  1. I want to learn a language. I thought French since I learnt it at primary school, but not sure. Thought Chinese probably more useful?

    1. Yeah I just think French is the most beautiful language, plus I did it all through primary and high school. You'd think that would be enough to make you fluent but I guess not :( But in theory I think we learned most of what you need to know to hold a conversation but I just can't remember it all. Verb conjugations and tenses suck. But I figure people still understand you even if you get that stuff slightly wrong.

      Going off my experience though you really don't learn that much in primary school languages? And apparently Chinese isn't too hard cos the sentence structure is the same as English (subject, verb, object). But then the characters! That shit can get tough I had to learn a bunch for Japanese and it got really hard!

      Anyway I have been going off some of Tim Ferris' tips ie learn the 1000 most common words, then read some stuff that you would enjoy reading in English to learn more about grammar. Plus just try to speak to people, that is probs the most useful...

  2. Hmmmm maybe French .. I do agree it's a beautiful language. Much nicer sounding than Chinese ;)