Thursday, February 28, 2013


Since it is the last day of Summer (sniff... sad face!), I thought I would compile a bit of a visual diary of the last two weeks. Been doing some drawing, photography, eating and catching up on 9ish hours of The Bachelor. My Dad was all "I need that space on the TV hard drive thingy" (his exact words obviously). Also shown is some stuff around my room, so you can see what I have on my bedside table and that. I always always always have to have moisturiser and lip balm, and preferably a glass of water too. I can't stand to be not moisturised! I live in constant fear of being out and washing my hands and then not having moisturiser. If that happens I go into a frenzy and start freaking out that my hands are like a desert! A DESERT! Luckily that doesn't happen much cause I am always prepared. Scar from The Lion King would be impressed.


  1. I love pic number 3 :)

    Cool post :)


  2. Love love love your pics!! so colorful!!! Great post! Happy weekend!