Saturday, June 23, 2012

robot rock

(Jay Jays jumper, thrifted jeans, Tree of Life knuckle ring, Landspeed sunnies)

It was so cold today not even my new silver jumper could warm me up, so I just went to yoga and then spent the rest of the day inside cosied up on the couch. Can't wait till I get to Greece and spend all my days in shorts shorts and bikinis!


  1. I love this pic :) Your jumper is amazing :)

  2. Love this pic! You look hawt! xx

  3. I have a similar jumper, but as for you it isn't really thick enough to keep me warm.
    It's crazy isn't it? I mean it's June..JUNE and we are freezing.
    Can't wait for summer to really start, but with my luck that's when I'm working on my summer job.
    Enjoy your upcoming trip to Greece:)

    xx claude

  4. Have fun in Greece! Love that jumper, it is so hot here in Texas I am dreaming of a nice cool winter vacay believe it or not!

  5. This jumper is from Jays Jays? You are kidding me!! there is one similar in cue for like $130 and I've been umming and ahhing about it for almost a month now! I work next to one, so there tomorrow!

    You look gorgeous!

  6. Love the top but really loving those sunglasses - wish we had that b=rand here - I'd run out and buy them!