Wednesday, February 22, 2012


(Cotton On bikini top and Target high-waisted bikini bottoms)

Last weekend I headed down to Melbourne and road tripped to Torquay for a girls' weekend. Mostly we spent the weekend eating and lazing around reading magazines and chic lit. We drove back to the city early on Sunday to hit up Zara, so this week has been a total Zara-thon for me at the office. Consider me obsessed.

What's your favourite thing to do with your girlfriends?


  1. these photos are so great! especially the flower one- i might steal it for the background on my phone :)
    my girlfriends and i like to do craft nights together, we always have so much fun!

  2. Just came back from a day trip with the girls to Gold Coast. Surfers Paradise always just, take my breath away; the beach, not the city. Love your swim suit though! And your hair is gorgeous! xx

  3. OMG! first of all! What can food/fruits looks just so awesome! I will eat it all! ;) And I love your bikini! Love it that it is high-waisted! ;)


  4. Love your girls weekend , looks like it was awesome!! I went to Zara this weekend too. Love ll the new pieces that are in or spring here.