Monday, February 27, 2012

sweet sour

My new Sportsgirl lip gloss in Forever Young. I've been hanging out for a hot pink lipstick for ages, but I love how forgiving this sheer gloss is on my application technique.

Are you a lip gloss girl or a lipstick girl? And what's your favourite shade of the moment? Hot pink? Crimson? Plum?


  1. I really love this color. It's striking!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Hey Heather! How are you? Yeah, I've been so overwhelmed with work, school and moving that I barely can breathe! It'll be nice after I settle everything but then I have to unpack again! I'll definitely post something up but it's going to take a while though. I love the boots you're wearing below and you look great in your black swimsuit! I wear mostly lip balm and my favorite colors are subtle pink. :-) xoxoxo

  3. Hey
    Thank you so much for the comment. your blog is realy great, i follow you, like follow each other?
    i like the color from the lipgloss. do you like my new outfit?

    <3 Anja