Wednesday, January 11, 2012

you're my secret weapon

(Trenery silk shirt, Forever 21 khaki skirt, thrifted clutch)

After watching The Iron Lady yesterday, I was reminded of the whole "women need to dress and act like men to succeed in business" argument, but I find it pathetic that women should have to change the way they look and act in order to be respected in the workplace! Screw that! We can be hard-working and smart and carry a silver clutch too. Let's prove it ladies.

And for the record, I also think it's ridiculous that business men are expected to wear ties and jackets in Summer. Society is so cukoo sometimes.


  1. the shirt is so cute!

  2. i love your whole outfit ;)


  3. Your ombre hair is so beautiful !

  4. You look beautiful!I love your skirt:))


  5. Haha I agree with you. I so want to see the Iron Lady. I love MERYL. She is incredible!

  6. I think everybody should wear something that makes him/she to feel damn good! When you feel good, you will do your best. Take as example Einstein: "If they want to see me, here I am. If they want to see my clothes, they can look in my closet." <>
    I hope this will inspire you! kisses&

  7. You got that right - well said!! and btw, it seems like it's summer all year where you live? (-: Love that!