Sunday, January 8, 2012

The top 3 reasons why Zara is the bomb

(Zara denim shirt)

So Australia has gone a little crazy over Zara, since the first store landed in Sydney last year. I mean, I visited the store months after it had opened and they was still a ten metre long line to get in!

Now, a lot of my friends were a little disappointed with Dolce and GaZara (as Victoria Beckham would put it), but since I picked up a well-loved winter coat there last year I knew I had to visit the new Melbourne store while I was down for New Years.

I came out with six basic items that I know I'll get a lot of wear out of. But my raving about Zara doesn't end there, no siree. Putting the quality/price/cuteness of the clothes aside, here are my top 3 reasons to luuurve Zara:

1. They have mirrors everywhere in the store, meaning you can try on jackets and stuff without having to go to the change rooms. And everyone knows you can tell how good something is going to look just by holding it up to your body and checking out your reflection, der.

2. You are allowed to take 10 items into the change rooms! Normally it's like 5-6 and if you have more you have to leave some with the salesgirl who always manages to forget about you and lose your extra items.

3. The lighting in the change rooms is actually flattering! Strip lights all around the mirrors, not just that hideous down-lighting. YES I want to look good when I try something on and YES that makes me want to buy it. NO I don't want to look like a fat cow and I do not want to buy your clothes when I feel disgusting when I try them on. SHEESH. The percentage of stores that do not realise this continues to astound me.

Do you agree with my Zara love? Or do you think Zara is over-rated?


  1. How is it possible that you always look so good in your photos?! That denim shirt is gorgeous! And I have to agree, ZARA is absolutely fantastic! xx

  2. Feel ya on the Zara love...bonus points for most of the stuff being designed with tall girls in more crotch flashing.

  3. I love Zara and i'm schocked! Do u have only one store in Australia?? :-O OMG!! I can't live without Zara but now is always more expensive :/

  4. About time they launched in Australia. We really have to step up our retail game, when you go to London or Vienna the level of service is so much higher and people wonder why retail is dying.

    So Heather have you studies fashion anywhere by any chance?