Wednesday, January 4, 2012


(thrifted shirt and satchel, Mink Pink shorts, Landspeed sunglasses)

This relic has been lurking in the back of my closet since high school, and I have some very fond memories attatched to it. Suddenly realised I don't have to wear it only to the beach. Such a revelation.

Meanwhile I'm nearing the end of an indulgently long holiday break, in which I shopped, shopped, partied and beached. It's been just the best and I've decided I need to be in the water more often and I really need to be situated much closer to Zara...


  1. I love to thrift. I bet half my wardrobe is thrifted.

  2. You look so much like Mary Kate in this picture! Love your hair, your top and your shorts! You look amazing!!!! xxx