Monday, January 30, 2012


(American Apparel one piece)

Today is my Birthday! I'm 24, which I think is a much cooler age than 23. 23 just seemed so nothing, although it is a prime number, which is pretty cool.

I spent the weekend at the coast, snorkeling, dolphin-watching, and getting up at a completely inappropriate hour to watch the sunrise over the ocean. Those of you who live on left coasts should be grateful that you can just watch the sun set over the water at a time that doesn't give you jet-lag for the next 24 hours!

Tonight is just a quiet dinner followed by a life-changing caramel mud toffee cupcake.


  1. Such a babe! Happy birthday! xx

  2. Happy Birthday sweet dear!!
    Hope you'll have great 24:)


  3. Happy Belated Birthday Heather! I hope it was wonderful in every way! xo

  4. Oh you do NOT look 24, your so young and beautiful! I adore your hair + love the one piece, I really want to get a neon green one, are they flattering?