Tuesday, December 20, 2011


(thrifted singlet, Mink Pink denim cut-offs, Sportsgirl agate necklace)

For the first time in over a year, I have 3 weeks off from work. Sleeping in a hammock and watching back to back episodes of the OC seems like a suitable way to spend my time.

Next week I'll be cruising down to Melbourne to take a look at the new Topshop and semi-new Zara, which I'm appropriately psyched for!

I've also been working on the issues with my Picasa images and am trying to get Blogger to revert the changes they've made, otherwise it's gonna be one hell of a manual task to fix all of the images on my blog :(


  1. sounds amazing! enjoy! like that necklace

  2. I havent seen the OC for yeeaaarrrsss. I hope you have fun in melbourne! They need to bring zara and topshop to brisbane!


  3. I laughed when I read this post because right now I'm watching back to back episodes of OC. I own the first three seasons on dvd, and I finally got to season 3. Halfway through it. I don't like the fourth season so I never bought it.

    Anyways, cute top! And enjoy your time from work.