Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vintage T shirt

(vintage tee, Mink Pink distressed denim shorts, Valleygirl sunglasses)

I'm not usually a huge fan of printed tees but this one is perfect for me. I'm always drawn to bright blues, and the tropical theme really caps it off for me. Also the sleeves are slightly longer than usual, and more slim fitting, which is important to me as it balances my broad shoulders somewhat. Vintage tees are also so super-soft that I find myself thinking I could wear variations on this outfit all Summer long. It was comfy enough to go adventuring out at the Cotter river last weekend. If you don't know what adventuring is, it's like hiking but you sort of stay off the trail and you have to climb over at least one tree trunk which has fallen over a body of water. That part is key. My legs are now totally devestated with scratches and also I manged to get stung by some evil plant (like poison ivy I guess?). Totally worth it.

Anyways, I would like to hear about the coolest t shirt you have in your possession, please share!


  1. Great Tee! I love a perfect tee shirt and denim!

  2. My coolest tee? Deffo my poddington peas one :) google it if you have no idea! x

  3. love that shirt, of course tropical anything is right up my alley but I know what you mean about the softness. As for me one of my beloved tees isone I bought in the caribbean in the softest worn out type of T fabric . It is from the soggy dollar bar on Jost Van Dyke, a must stop in the BVIs.

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  5. Bahh, I hate you! How can you pull this off w/o looking like you're running off to Woolies or something?! Heh. I've never been a fan of printed tees actually; but I've got plenty of plain white tees and I'm collecting more actually! Really love the Dotti ones; so perfectly slouchy though they do shrink a little (the shame!)

    Anyway; thanks for the denim shorts tip! Haven't been round to the shops much so I'm still living in my old Zara ones!

    PS/ A shame you're living in WA! Would love to meet you to have lunch barefooted too;p Heh. xx

  6. fabulous! I love vintage clothes :D


  7. That tee looks rad on you - you are always heading into summer as we head into fall/winter - i get so envious looking at your "summer" posts! (-:

  8. oohh awesome vintage tee. i'm on the hunt for a gooden!


    Bang & Buck

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