Thursday, May 26, 2011


You can find all of these photos on my We Heart It page.

I've been collecting a lot of inspiration lately and have been debating whether or not to share it on the blog. Generally I like to think of my blog purely as a personal style one, so in theory I probably shouldn't be posting this.

I actually started out posting whatever I felt like, but as time went on I began to think that it was better to be little more selective and consistent. I tend to think maybe it's a little self-centred to post about every thought I have and expect people to be interested, and I also thought it brought more value to post purely original content. I mean, who wants to see stuff that has already been published elsewhere?

Actually, a lot of people if I'm honest.

I suppose it's kind of like vintage shopping: people will pay a premium to have someone else go to a thrift store, rummage through all the junk and bring them only the best pieces (not me, I love rummaging).

I’m starting to think it’s the same on the Internet, where it’s quite nice to have someone else go looking for pretty things for you to peruse in your leisure time. In fact, I’d like to make a shout out to Shin from Fashion Cappuccino and Cindy from Cindy Whitehead, whose blogs both showcase amazing content that I am always keen to soak up.

Admittedly the blogs I like the most are the ones that are the most consistent (and good quality of course), not necessarily the ones that are teeming with original content.

So, I’ve decided to share some of my inspirational material with you. I hope you won’t think me unoriginal.

What do you think?

Should I make this a weekly segment?

Is it ok to post inspiration or is original content king?


  1. Ohhh do this every week please.

  2. My first thought was: Oh look, lots and lots of Heathers! Which is bullshit because you are totally unique, but it shows that your inspiration has something to do with you, which is why I'm sure it will be appreciated. So, go for it, girl!

  3. Ditto Laura above - I think your exactly right in saying that it's a sort of filter of work. I reckon as long as things are linked back, there's no problem in sharing stuff- I love seeing where people get inspiration from and honestly? I can never normally be bothered to trail through weheartit myself! x

  4. It's right, you should put here your inspiration.... designer does it too after drawing a collection ;)

  5. yes! definitely do it every week :-)
    love these photos they are very inspirational!


  6. Oh good call on supporting Fashion Cappuccino, love her work. It's a conundrum i find too, the original vs. rooting for prettiness that already exists. The post with the most comments and attention was one full of photos- which were mine, but writing blogs doesn't seem to matter nearly as much as putting something nice and immediately accessible up. lovely as that is, i've come across some really cool writing which gets less press than blogs with un-annotated seems things need to be seen, not always read...

  7. I LOVE your inspiration! such gorgeous photos, my blog started out as mostly inspiration but since I got a nice camera it has been more personal style..trying to find a happy medium!


  8. ahh Thank You! I love your blog too - I like to see what you wear that itself is inspirational!) and I am now loving these inspirational shots - I think your "mix" is PERFECT!