Wednesday, April 20, 2011


(thrifted sweater and satchel, Bettina Liano leather skirt, platform wedges from Ebay)

Just got back from a little trip to Sydney which involved a wedding, a funeral and a rave party (ASOT), and for which I packed both too much and not enough. I dedicated a fair chunk of time to shopping, but didn't really go on a rampage. Ended up with a virginal floral headpiece, blue agate necklace and leather shorts that fit like none I've tried thus far, but are in need of a little shortening to be up to my standards. Still, still, still on a quest for replacement denim shorts that live up to my old pair, I am steadily losing hope that this is even a posibility. After much trying on of vintage fur coats, it has also been decided that the only acceptable one was the one I found here in Canberra a few weeks back. It was being sold by some elusive lady at the Sunday markets, who when I went back to find her, wasn't there. I'm hoping she'll be there this's all very clandestine, you know.


  1. what a whirlwind of a trip! Love the jumper - i'd die to find something with sleeves that long! x

  2. gorgeous, wedding, sounds good! these photos you look so simple genius!

  3. THis lace top is amazing ;) You should try to wear that without a skirt :P

    A Rave party??What a bad girl :P

  4. drooling over the booties!!


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  6. Clandestine suits you, Heather. Happy Easter, bunny! xo

  7. Sounds like you got some good shopping in. As far as the fur coat - it's the thrill of the chase that sometimes makes the item all the more worth while! (-: I love the outfit in the post! rad.

  8. I'm craving a maxi knit or crochet, that sweater that you're using is pretty heavy and this shoe has the look more stylish.
    I LOVED!

  9. i want to see your floral headpiece! i really want one