Thursday, April 28, 2011


(thrifted heart jumper, Forever 21 skort, Sportsgirl agate necklace and Myer sunnies)

Pulled two items I haven't worn in months, worked in some newish accessories, and was content with the results (welcome to the minimalistic/lazy approach to sartorial decision-making).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


(thrifted sweater and satchel, Bettina Liano leather skirt, platform wedges from Ebay)

Just got back from a little trip to Sydney which involved a wedding, a funeral and a rave party (ASOT), and for which I packed both too much and not enough. I dedicated a fair chunk of time to shopping, but didn't really go on a rampage. Ended up with a virginal floral headpiece, blue agate necklace and leather shorts that fit like none I've tried thus far, but are in need of a little shortening to be up to my standards. Still, still, still on a quest for replacement denim shorts that live up to my old pair, I am steadily losing hope that this is even a posibility. After much trying on of vintage fur coats, it has also been decided that the only acceptable one was the one I found here in Canberra a few weeks back. It was being sold by some elusive lady at the Sunday markets, who when I went back to find her, wasn't there. I'm hoping she'll be there this's all very clandestine, you know.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the basics

(Myer black sunnies, Valleygirl tortoise-shell sunnies, Diva ring, leather bracelet from markets and Rubi watch)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

last days of Summer

(thrifted shirt and shorts, Cotton On straw hat and leather bracelet from markets)

Well, actually it's half-way through Autumn, but I tend to just think Summer, Summer, Summer, WINTER, and forget that there are seasons in between. This was taken yesterday, when the weather was being generous, but it's truly starting to get too cold to wear shorts now. Today was icy. Also, the other day I could see my own breath, inside my house. This kind of makes me have a sad face....

Saturday, April 2, 2011

tropical, icy icy

(thrifted shirt, T by Bettina Liano leather and suede panelled skirt, Therapy pumps and Rubi watch)

Canberra weather is insane. Yesterday I was resigned to the fact that winter was well and truly knocking on the front door, but today was so hot my house mates and I had an all-day picnic in the backyard. We were accompanied by our new puppy (tentatively named Soda, are we into it? Seinfeld fans will understand). We also got our new couch today, so I'm pretty sure we are all real-life grown-ups with a real life house and a puppy to boot. We totally have our s**t together.

Outfit-wise, I found this sweet-ass shirt op-shopping a few weeks back and was pretty stoked with the short front/long back mullet construction. Silk shirts are my new addiction. Also pictured is my new leather skirt with suede panels, that thing rules.