Tuesday, March 15, 2011

trying times

(thrifted blouse, Valleygirl leopard shorts, Myer sunnies)

I bought these shorts just before my Valleygirl ban...and I am pretty happy with them despite the effort it takes to pour oneself into them. It was the only size left so that couldn't really be avoided. In other short related news (and this is very hard to type), my favourite denim shorts have totally bitten the dust. Those who follow this blog may realise what a big deal this is to me, as I wear them probably every second day, statisticaly speaking. The small tear that was gradually making its way across my ass decided to quickly make its way across my ass over the weekend, and I fear that they are now too minuscule for even my standards. It's the kind of thing that could legitimately get one arrested for indecent exposure. I'm just saying, I'm pretty certain those shorts were 'the one' and now I am a sad sad widow. The search begins anew.

Also am currently waiting on the delivery of my new black leather and suede panelled skirt, which should bring me some comfort. Don't get offended or anything, new skirt, but you are definitely a rebound garment. Just so you know.