Saturday, December 4, 2010

lost and found

Been having a very cruisy day sleeping in, brunching with a friend and cleaning my room. There was some serious closet purging going on, and as always happens with a purge, you magically find millions of hidden items that are exactly what you're looking to wear right now, if only you actually remembered that they have been existing in your wardrobe all along. This is just a small stash of the jewelery that I have forgotten about and really need to wear more often.

I know a lot of people had a go with no-spend November, and it is possibly something I will try to do in December. I mean, obviously excluding Christmas presents. You need to remember that, when you feel like you definitely, absolutely need to set out on a shopping rampage, you can always go shopping, y'know, within your own closet...


  1. Nice stash of jewellery - found on the beach?;-)
    Had a little blogging break - back now, though!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  2. So stunning !!!


  3. See what awesome stuff pops up when you clean your room. Its a win-win! (clean room, and magical findings!)

  4. yes I always find old stuffs every time I reorganize my closet! ur finding is awesome =D

  5. Congratulations! And you should buy only you want..xoxo

  6. Yay - what a great find! xx

  7. awesome finds, dude! x :)

    I am not too sure about no-spend's too hard when every shop is on sale! arr...hhihi..

    in reply: gosh...Oz is definitely on my bucket list...and ive heard youve got stunning beaches off the gold coast. :) I would love to visit some day soon!

  8. nice stash, that ring looks like a gem.

    just featured you in my "blogs i like" series..have a gander xx

  9. i always forget to wear jewelery x

  10. Why does this never happen when I clean out my closet. All I find is junk!! I wish I stumbled upon forgotten gems. I love that necklace in the first photo! Wear it pronto!