Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Khaki is only really for army men and going on safari right? I've really never worn the colour much before this season, and I guess that just shows what a tragic fashion victim I am. I found this skirt in Forever21, and fell in love before I even realised that Rumi Neely wore exactly the same one here. That kind of sealed the deal, and yet I really haven't worn the thing as much as it deserves. The shirt, I'm afraid, looks very similar to the ones worn by the staff at supermarket giant Woolworths. I thought I was just being paranoid about this, but someone actually pointed it out to me tonight. Unfortunate for me, but ultra fine marketing on behalf of Woolworths...


  1. I like this a lot. Hottest check-out chick ever.

  2. I love your style and this shoes are amazing!
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    follow me! I wait you! kiss kiss^^

  3. i love the woolworths shirt!

    check out those stems, tres lovelyyyy


  4. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE your outfit!!
    your skirt is just perfect! I love this look so much!

    I'm happy i ran into your blog! It's lovely! Your posts are great and i love your style!
    Im gonna follow you from now on!
    hope you visit and follow me back:)

    lots of love

  5. that army green looks great on you! work it.

    xx raez

  6. Perfect outfit!!! It looks good on you.

  7. Ohhh I LOVE this! HOT STUFF. Such a good outfit :) xx

  8. I wear khaki. Like you say, it is no tonly for the military people.

    Hope you visit my blog. follow if you wish and I will return the favor.