Monday, August 16, 2010

True Blue

(Supre dress, thrifted denim shirt, Walgreens tights, Rubi boots, rings from Charlotte Russe and markets)

I really struggle to put together an outfit I'm happy with in Winter. Generally, I just (stupidly)try to adapt an outfit I would wear in Summer to make it warm enough to be bearable. This tends to disappoint though, as I just seem to be more drawn to bare legs than tights (though I DO thoroughly understand the appeal of them).

Also, I am never really at ease with my footwear options. My preference tends generally towards sandals, which are obviously out of the question. Of late I have also seemed to eschew the obligatory ballet flat, which feels a little too prim and not 'me' at all. Occasionally I will wear sneakers, which I know can be cute and undone, but don't exactly add much pop to an outfit. This whole catastrophic situation basically tempts me to wear heels a lot, even to places like the mall, where it is possibly inappropriate and definitely somewhat painful.

It is times like this that I really need to learn to see the silver lining, so let's all take a minute to give thanks to woolly beanies with pom poms, thigh high socks, red gumboots, neon ski jackets, patterned mittens, pastel rain jackets, fluffy white ear-muffs, furry hoods, fingerless knit gloves, moon boots and 90's baggy sweaters. Yay for Winter (and yay that it is, really, basically over).


  1. Hi!! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I am more than happy in your comment.
    Have a nice day.

  2. you look amazing! this shot is stunning, winter is hard... in love with your blog too! following:)

  3. You always look great no matter what the season (-:

  4. get into american apparel, i'm sure their winter accessories will make you more enthusiastic about winter dressing.. who can deny two toned gloves and ear muffs! xx

  5. You look great - and I love the new blog header. xx

  6. I wear heels to the mall all the time, although I find that sometimes if my bad is too heavy I end up being lopsided. haha.

    awesome top. Such a pretty blue.

  7. good thing we dont have winter for I would have struggled with the same dilemma! :) x

  8. I love dressing for fall but when winter sets in, I feel I have the same problem - nothing ever seems to 'sit' right ::sigh::
    great blog!

  9. I so know what you mean! Coming back from warm Italy to cold UK I'm standing in front of my wardrobe wondering What the f... to wear! Winter clothes aren't bad, but it really needs some adjusting. Your denim shirt is very cool though and looks GREAT on you!