Monday, May 17, 2010

Q and A

As promised, here are the answers to some of the questions you guys kindly asked....

Why did you start blogging?
I did a unit of web design at Uni, and we had to make our own blogs and study the features we liked on other websites/blogs. I guess I realised how many cool blogs were out there and decided to start my own. For the record, I just barely scraped a pass in that class.

Your favorite piece of clothing?
Probably my light denim shorts. As you can tell, I pretty much wear them every day and they just don't get old too me. The will in a few years though, I know from past experience.

What's your favourite place to shop?
Op-shops (charity shops), hands down. They are so cheap that you end up buying things you normally wouldn't, which can sometimes work out really well. You're never afraid to alter things you buy (read cut up) things you buy, which is how I've got some of my favourite pieces.

Favourite designer?
Alexander Wang and Camilla and Marc for their loose and subtle sexy, and Jean Paul Gaultier for his costuming genius in The Fifth Element. And Romance Was Born for doing a second catwalk show as crazy as their first.

Favourite blogs/style inspiration?
I love Fashion Toast and Fashion-Nerdic, both of whom do beautiful and inspiring posts. Fashion Toast is very neutral so I love all the white, denim, and lust-inducing jewelery. Fashion Nerdic is all about simple pieces worn with heels and is really inspiring to me in terms of colour use. I love Victoria Beckham too and sometimes the Olsens.

Do you use remote control for taking your pictures?
I use the timer on the camera like most bloggers I'm guessing. I fantasise about having a photographer ;)



  1. I am totally going to be your photographer for overseas blogging.

  2. Honestly, with your beautiful figure I think you can wear ANYTHING. BTW, remote control has really changed my life - no running backwards and forwards any more (though I have to admit it made for some funny shots). To add to these Q&A catalogue I've got a little challenge for you... Come and have a look.

  3. It was awesome learning more about you!

  4. Great outfit ! i love your shirt and your shoes !
    I love Alexander Wang too ! It's cool to know you better !

  5. i couldnt agree more with you on denim shorts.. :) i wear them almost every day too! x

  6. Love all your answers.
    and I love those shorts.

    I use a self timer also. I hate other people taking my photo. They just don't know how to take my picture correctly.

  7. very cool look. I liked your answers too.

    Thanks much for the note.

  8. Really a very interesting foto shoot. & I thought you had a photographer all this time.

  9. Très jolie, et ta tenue te va vraiment très bien

  10. Love those denim shorts on you! I always thought someone shot your pics - you are amazing w/a self timer - your pics always look AWESOME!!!

  11. gorgeous outfit! i love your shorts, very summery :)

  12. I totally see why you love those shorts :P they're awesome !
    and ffuun to read !

  13. I love Alexander Wang too, his collections are amazing!

  14. amazig outfit! and I want to steal your legs! haha they're so long! xo

  15. great answers!
    and i love your cut offs :)

  16. I really love those shorts!