Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Black and white...cute, but a little straight. A necessary accessory: the oh-so-timeless blanket of stars. Now, if only I could find my poncho of love and eternal friendship.

Also, just rediscovered the insane awesomeness of the public library. I think people need to be reminded that you can borrow books, dvds, magazines, cds, even video games for FREE! And you can borrow them for a whole month! For some reason I seem to have repressed this knowledge. Okay, so the copy of Harper's Bazaar I borrowed is about 8 months old, but I did also get Friends, Black Books and Britney on DVD which more than compensates.


  1. I loooove libraries, I go there all the time to get stuff- it's awesome ! :D
    Ooh cool that you're going to LA. Sweeet ! :)
    I'd recommend you to go to Disneyland- I loved it ! and if u wanna check out beaches you should def go to Santa Monica/& Venice beach and also a little bit more south from LA is Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. Really beautiful places.
    Have a great trip ! :)

  2. You are right we do forget that its there and its FREE! I like the special effects on this picture - at first I thought "snow" then realized its stars! Cool

  3. Like the simplicity and the blinking stars!
    They look awesome.

  4. Ooo I like this blanket of stars, so cute.

    I actually hate borrowing books to read from the library, but I magazines, I didn't even know I could do that. I really have to get myself down to the library.

  5. i heart libraries :)
    love the effect on this photo, you have SWEET hair :D

  6. I LOVE the library!! If you read any of my book posts you can see the library labels on the book photos. I love that i can watch movies and read books for free. I also get old cds (like the beach boys) and save them to my computer. probably not so nice of me, but I'm just a poor fan.
    That blanket is beautiful!! I wish I had a poncho like that.
    Beautiful outfit :)

  7. Stary eyed! Great look. You are absolutely right about the library. I used to go there A LOT; now I've nearly forgotten about it. Should check out ours...

  8. A library is the perfect way to save some $$, I agree. Love your sparkle/star effect. Gorgeous!