Friday, March 19, 2010

southern cross

I had forgotten about this imromptu photo session I did just after Australia day. It's suprising what you can find in the depths of a tiny USB.
Anyway I can't seem to get enough of shorts these days. I get so dissapointed when I wear a skirt and them I remember that I can't be a slob anymore...although some of my shorts are so short that I probably shouldn't bend over too much either.


  1. I think they look great - you legs are miles long - I am so envious!! (-:

  2. I would kill for your figure. You look incredible.

  3. Great shorts! Aaah daydreaming of the day when we too will be able to slip on a pair of shorties and head to the beach!

    xx from San Francisco,

  4. I love your sheer vest, I've been after one for so long! Also wearing skirts is so restricting haha shorts are the way forward :)

  5. hey.. love thanx for stopping by it means a lot...and yes i only interview bloggers...send me your email and the link to your blog..i would be honored to feature you on Fashion Jinx...

  6. I CANT WAIT FOR SHORTS! so jealous. yea, that is a real tattoo and quite a new one actually. its the quadratic formula (and I can't for the life of me remember what its used for) he's a math teacher so...he knows lol.

  7. love your shorts, added you to my links!
    thankyou for the comment sweetie :) xxxxx

  8. haah, i'm the same with my tiny shorts :)
    but they look good on you!

  9. Fruit and shorts! Seems like you have it made! :)

  10. What a BODY, GIRL!!! You are just rockin the laid back look. DAMN. Talk about jealous right here.
    I love finding forgotten photos that I have saved randomly throughout my computer.
    How are the 9-5 outfits coming?

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