Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ok, so I didn't really wear this out. I wore it, you know, to the mailbox. As much as I like to think I dress however I like, in reality I would never wear something like this out because I'm fairly certain I would get plenty of stares, way too much attention from lewd men, and, even worse, that look people give you where you can tell they're about to turn to their friend and say "what an effing slut!".
As trivial as fashion can seem, I whole heartedly acknowledge that dressing differently, even in a small capacity, takes courage. It is this knowledge that forever maintains Lady Gaga's hero status in my mind. So, perhaps I can keep my cowardly lion at bay long enough to venture out in my sack, if only to the beach. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and what I fear the most is being judged as someone who takes themself seriously in everything that they choose to randomly throw on their body.


  1. I swear you could wear this out. You have the rare ability to make anything look awesome.

  2. this is such a lovely post, im so happy to have come across it!
    i love what you wrote, i definitely agree - fashion does take courage, and often what others might think inhibits me too much also. im trying to work on it. i think if you feel comfortable, then that energy and confidence will overpower any judgmental looks. :)

    great post!
    xoxo, rose.

  3. ha fab dress -agree that shouldnt be worn out though x

    For everything about fashion:

  4. Its a great dress - and you look amazing in it - wear it out and screw what they think. Here in LA you would just get people telling you how great it is and where did you get it? (-: So Go for it!

  5. Oh I completely agree, in the evening I always think something would look completely fun but then in the morning I never have the guts to go through with it! Love this post :)

  6. You can wear a tank top underneath and a belt around the middle. Or just like that to the beach :)

    Love the dress.

  7. You look great and I agree that fashion takes courage. I think sometimes my courage is limited which is why I dress pretty conservatively, I am always so self conscious when I wear something risky. You look gorgeous though!

  8. this is so well written!
    i quite like it, but i understand why you didn't wear it out- men can take fashion the wrong way :)

  9. this is awesome, and you're right, there is always the beach. no one wants to get creeped on, at least madam gaga has an entourage to protect her.

  10. Hello Ms.Gorgeous! You look hot, hot, hot in that dress! Do you use any tanning products? Any recommendations? I would love to have a perfect tan like yours! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. That really is cute though!! Maybe it would be good for a night party on the beach??

  12. This would be perfect to wear to the beach! My philosophy is that if you don't take yourself to seriously and just have fun with clothes it will come through in your style. If I'm wearing a serious or really "fashiony" outfit I will leave my hair messy so it doesn't look like I tried to hard.


  13. as much as I like this dress on you I completely get it when you say that you couldnt wear it in public...I hate that though...I have put together some really cute things but could never actually wear it out b/c I knew it would be too much for ppl to handle...anyways you look great...and If you ever happen to go to the beach you should wear that with your bathing suit...its okay to be half naked at the beach haha

  14. nayy u ain't a slut. u r gorgeous ppl just jealous ;DD

    I would love to trade links :">

  15. Awesome.. but please warn me if your posts are not suitable to read at work... yowzers!! haha

  16. I completely agree! Where I live, just wearing heels makes people stare and, most embarrassingly, ask why you're "dressed up." It kills me, but at the same time it is hard to just ignore it and wear what I want.
    Love your blog!


  17. hahahah this is funny! bc its true!ppl do turn to their friends a lot...but if you live near the beach id say its normal to wear hardly anything!