Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I move the stars for no one

(supre skirt, second hand shirt and jewelery)

I was a little late on the bandage skirt bandwagon, but I'm glad I finally got on. I got this one because you can wear in higher or lower, or even scrunch it up depending on how demure you want to be. It's a pity they were out of the black though.
And what do you think of the man shirt? I love how comfy they are and I always pair them with something short to balance out the bulk. Are you a fellow fan? What would you wear with one?


  1. I love oversized shirts!! I can wear short shorts underneath them and pretend I'm not wearing look great!! xoxoxo

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  3. love that you got the bandage skirt - looks Great! Thanks for your nice comment - yes I styled The Got Milk Ad (-: if you click on my website link on the blog you can see more of those + everything else I styled. Thanks! (-;

  4. pretty outfit. over sized shirt, plus bandage skirt are the perfect outfit.

  5. I love the oversized shirt, you look great!!
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  6. Love that skirt, I'm not brave enough to wear one.

  7. great look too. oversized shirt in girls is fantastic and sexy ;)