Friday, January 8, 2010

South Bank

(Cotton on sunnies, watch from magazine(!), secondhand everthing else)

South Bank is my absolutely FAVORITE thing about Brisbane. It is a big pool in the city which is cunningly disguised as a tropical lagoon. It's just as warm as the air (which FYI is VERY warm!) and it's just the best ever. When I go there I never want to leave.

Also I finally bought some sunnies in my fave colour and have now worn them to death so I may need to put them aside for a while! But, you know, I thought it was good to have some that weren't black...


  1. I love those color of shades, too and the watch is really fun. I'm definitely jealous of your warm weather right now...
    I found your blog from Cindy Whitehead's and I really like it!!

  2. looks amazing! i love that cuff you're wearing!

  3. Love your pink watch - so cool! thanks for adding me and for stopping by! xo

  4. Wow I love that lagoon pool!! I'm really jealous of your weather.. It's so cold in England at the mo. Thanks for following me :)

  5. You always find the most unique places to take pics - love that pic of you in the water! I like the greenery on the fence too and perfect outfit for the lagoon pool!