Monday, January 18, 2010

princess sparkle

(secondhand everything)
I've been wearing a few "secondhand everything" outfits recently, perhaps because I did so much op-shopping on the way up the coast to Brisbane! The op shops on the coast and in the country are so cheap (even more so than the city kind) that its hard to say no to anything. I TOTALLY needed that 3rd pair of high waisted shorts right? Actually they were a very 70s inspired pair of jeans before my trusty scissors found them...


  1. That bracelet is out of this world.
    It's amazing, just like your DIY shorts :)

  2. i love secondhand outfits in general. they're always such shockers. and yes, i'll admit that i really like the way that dress fits on me. it's got to be a magical dress or something because it's actually my sister's. my sister is much more curvy than i am and i think it fits very well on her, too! isn't that funny?

  3. Hey Heathy!

    Did you have a play with that first photo? The colours are really nice. You look super hot! I was going to say that next time I see you I want to give you a quick lesson in photo editing so that all your photos look ultra professional, but now it looks like I don't need to!

    Can't wait to see you next (whenever that may be) and keep up the good work, you damned sexy sister of mine. (Got a bit gross towards the end there...)

  4. wow i'm so jealous of the weather in this post. the things i would do to be able to wear shorts and a tank right now!

    xo Niki

  5. Ahh! Heathy I love everything about this!! I love your shorts, your top, sunnies, bag, cuff and your hair!! Winner!

    Can you please crack out some high waisted shorts (tucked in)? I would give me soul to be able to pull that off. Therefore I would like to live vicariously through your shorts.... ;) please!

  6. Hey sweetie that is amazing that your camera took that great of pics under water - way to use what you have! ;) Love your sparkly outfit, makes me miss Vegas a bit, he he.