Thursday, January 14, 2010

paddle time!

I have been wanting to go paddle boarding for so long so I was so keen when I got the chance at the coast! It was really easy and I didn't even fall off once. And it was SUCH a good workout especially seeing as they hired them for four hours at a time! We saw a couple of sting rays too which is a bit of a phobia of mine.
Thank you all so much for all of your lovely comments recently I hope everyone is having a super 2010 so far...


  1. I am so utterly envious of you right now!

  2. looks like fun heather!
    i went paddle boarding in santa barbara this last summer. i loved it too!

  3. You look GREAT paddle boarding - awesome you wanted to do it and you made it happen! xo

  4. one of my favorite lyrics of all time is from anathallo's "john j audubon":

    "Our stories all just sink below the mess of wake the millions of paddled palms our cupped hands make."

    this post reminded me of that lyric!

  5. I want to go, that looks like a blast! I love the shot of the paddle under the water, so pretty. You must have had a camera that takes good shots under water. Your adventures are always so enticing.

  6. i'm serious so jealous of you. 1) because you always look like you're having fun and enjoying the sunny weather. 2) because you said that you're getting better at packing and i will never get better at packing! haha, i'll pack last minute and forget stuff always and forever...

  7. i think it's great that you did something you've wanted to do for ages :)

    oh and i would love to trade links! adding you now!

    ♥ add me to facebook and say hi =)

  8. awww ive been dying to go paddle boarding ever since i saw a pic of gisele bundchen doing it in hawaii haha You look like you had so much fun!

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