Saturday, December 19, 2009

thought I'd re-invent just fifty percent of myself

(secondhand dress, shoes, necklace and beanie, rings from markets and hand-crafted by boyfriend)

Just chilling out in the tip aka my backyard! Even though it is too hot to wear it I couldn't resist buying this adorable beanie - I'm sure it will pull its weight over winter. A big shout out to my boyfriend who made me this blue ring (amoung others) out of a spoon(!) for a graduation gift. Love you S xxx


  1. I absolutley adore these shoes. I saw a brown pair on a girl at a festival recentely and have been trying to track them down for summer ever since!! let me know if you want to exchange links :))

  2. how cool is that ring! nice job boyfriend :D heather, you look awesome and adorable once again.
    you go girl! hahaha i can't believe i just said that.

  3. just browsed through your blog and i love it:)

  4. The spoon ring is so sweet and gorgeous! And your boyfriend made it,which makes it even more precious:)

    I would buy the adorable beanie too if I saw it

  5. I love your shoes, and your beanie is adorable. The colour is gorgeous. I can't believe your boyfriend made you those rings, that's so wonderful, he's really talented.

  6. Oh I realised I forgot to answer your question, so here's my answer now :)

    Most Canadians say Mom, but because Canada is so multicultural everyone has a variation of what they say. I'm Lithuanian and I speak Lithuanian at home, so I say Mama. But when I'm with my friends I refer to her as Mum because I simply prefer that to Mom. Only about two of my other friends say Mum and one is from England, so...
    Anyways, hope I answered your question. :)

  7. Adorable beanie, I love that it is blue and your pictures are always the cutest. P.S. I actually already posted your happy award and it is here:

    Have a wonderful Sunday love! XO!

  8. very cool outfit, love the shoes!awesome blog too :)

  9. You look so cute in that beret!! You have amazing legs! xoxoxoo

  10. Looking good tiger.

    x #15

  11. I want that adorable beanie right now!! I forgot to bring mine to NY and now I'm freezing!

    However, it did mean that i got to buy a pair of white fluffy earmuffs!! Super cute :)


    PS. I want a spoon ring!!!!!!!!!!!