Monday, December 7, 2009

Impulse control

(secondhand jumper and boots)

Went shopping today and bought some aqua (soon to be cut-off) jeans and a deliciously baggy grey jumper. That is in addition to the chunky blue ring, rainbow pastel tank and ripped jeans I bought yesterday. I occured to me in a moment of impulse buying induced clarity that I don't even own a perfect long white t shirt. I should probably try to remember that during my next shopping frenzy.
Regardless, there will be fresh pics to follow.


  1. great pics heather!

    yes, i've seen the proposition. i totally agree with you. i still love him regardless :)

  2. Love that jumper! It's a new twist on something old- Love it!
    trade links?

  3. Cute! I love the boots. :D

  4. Were you cold because that looks cold! I do love your boots and the shirt, you are always so creative with your pics, love it!

  5. Adore that loose oversized jumper with those boots! Ohhhh,do show us all your new buys:)

    I would love to work with American Apparel actually,but sadly we don't have a store here:( So I can only buy through online.

  6. I love how natural these images are. Love the shoes.