Monday, December 21, 2009


(dress donated by friend, secondhand wifebeater, Sportsgirl(?) cuff, Target heels)

Phew I just got back from a gummi bear-fuelled Christmas shopping spree! Just coming down from the high now...
I really had to pull my socks up because I hadn't bought any presents before today and we are getting dangerously close!

Anyway in terms of clothing... I salvaged this dress from a friend who was about to donate it. She thought it was outdated but I don't worry about such trivialities I guess! It was fun to dress down the sparkle with some wife beater action. I do apologise for the red eye I'm hopeless at fixing it!


  1. I love love your dress so much with those gorgeous !

    Ohhh,my tattoo says Without you,there is no me. I know this sentence has many french translations. So it sometimes also mean a slight different meaning. But I'm cool with it ! heeeee

  2. Scary, but you look really pretty.

  3. you did a great job reinventing the looks nice :)

  4. hahhahah creepy..j'adore!

    One Love,

  5. hey, the dress is still very nice in looking lah~ i like it! It suits u!

  6. babe u still look preety..sweet :-*

  7. Oh I love the dress. The lighting is amazing in the photos.

  8. love it! the out of focus pics are super cool! i'm still finishing up my shopping as well. your noe alone :O

  9. love the look of these photos... very cool!++

  10. What a lovely dress! You look gorgeous! xoxoxoxo

  11. Nice photos! Looks like a film!
    Thanks for your visit!


  12. Hi There! I'm giving you the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD - You SO deserve it!

    make sure to copy it from my blog so you can add it to yours.

    have a wonderful day. xo Cindy

  13. Your friend's dress suits you well, and the photos came out GREAT. Some really interesting effects showed up.

    BTW, your comment the other day was one of my favorites in a LONG time. Thank you!

  14. Oh I love gummy bears, did you save some for me? :) I love this ghosted look, you really chose the perfect dress for this photo shoot!

    To answer your question about Yoga, I haven't done it in a while but when I do it, it certainly helps with my flexibility for sure! Lol. You should do it girl, it is so much fun but hard at the same time.

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