Saturday, November 7, 2009

New moon

(secondhand jumper, just jeans dress, target tights, rubi flats, diva ring)

Speaking of Twilight..... I was at a party recently and I'm pretty sure Edward Cullen was eyeing me off on the dancefloor!


  1. hahaha that was funny! i'm totally laughing right now. i think edward was checking me out too, at the book store :)

  2. Ha ha, that last picture is too cool, great photoshop skills lady! :) Also, very pretty full moon. Friday is Friday the 13th right?

    Sometimes blogger doesn't show up the friend boxes when it is being weird. Next time you are on my blog my friend box is under the ocean dreamer eye on the right side. Thanks for trying to find it sweetie, it should load hopefully next time. :)

  3. You have beautiful eyes!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  4. those pics are so new moon

    love the grey combo....i swear i could live in grey and be content in life


  5. your blog is so amazing . i really hearrt your blog . love it :))by the way, follow my twitter please .

  6. Gal, u really funny in the last pic! Yea, he eyes on u! muackz!