Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe I spoke too soon about the bowl cut...

...because Victoria Beckham has just debuted her new do! And if the popularity of her pob is anything to go by we'll all be seeing a lot more of it soon!

Also I found this impressive Posh hairstyle timeline and I'm wondering.... which is your fave look? I have to say I'm leaning more towards the softer, wavy styles because she can tend to look more than a little severe otherwise! But of course I will always have a place in my heart for the original Girl Power bob.

Posh has also been hard at work planning her new range of bags and shoes. Since she's such a trendsetter for other stars (Blake lively, Elle Macpherson, and Jennifer Lopez have all been photographed sporting her eponymous clothing label) she figures she may as well use that power to make a little extra on the side. Can't wait VB xxxx

PS. many thanks to Nina for the hot tip on Posh's new style. You're so on the ball....


  1. nice photos, has victoria botox??? noooooo, it‘s a joke, ahahahaha

    thanks for visit my blog, thank you so much.

    The principal photo are my legs, yes


  2. You can't go past the Pob. I mean really, how cool is it to have a hairstyle named after you?!
    I've copied her once and I'll do it again! In fact, I think my grown out Pob is starting to look a little more 1998 now!!

  3. I quite like Posh's 'do, it's much more modern than the bob and less severe than the bowl...honestly the bowl just reminds me of the Beatles!

  4. she looks amazing as always, i love psoh and her new look!

  5. She looks really cute with short hair so I like it!! xxooxxoo

  6. I love Posh, she is always so posh! Ha ha, just kidding. Anyway...I love her classic style and had no idea that she has a line, the other actresses look great in it. I also like her softer waves, more becoming on her!